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Choose the Best Tree Removal in Bountiful, UT

If you are looking for professional tree removal services in Bountiful, UT, you’re in the right place. All Woods Tree Service provides Northern Utah with respected professional tree services for properties of all shapes and sizes. Since 1995, our team has led the local tree service industry. As family-owned and -operated business, we care about our customers and the community. And of course, we also care about your trees! Our business is about so much more than cutting down old trees.  We work hard to encourage and maintain the well-being of trees in our area. Our team focuses on pruning, trimming, treating trees for pests, or eventually removing trees. Leave it to the professionals to ensure your trees and property are happy and healthy. Trust us with your trees and call today!

Tree Services for Any Project

It’s important to keep any trees on your property healthy. Like all living things, the trees in your yard change with seasons. You may not notice the decline of the health of your tree until there is visible disease or damage. The All Wood Tree Service team can help at every stage of your tree’s growth, development, and decay. We are dedicated to keeping you and everyone on your property safe over the years. Take a look at our tree services below or call to chat with one of our experts about your tree needs.

Tree Removal: There are sometimes reasons to remove trees from your property. Trees die, decay, and can even create safety issues. Our team finds safe and effective ways to remove trees. There’s no reason to worry about storm damage or a dying tree. With our removal services, you can trust your property will be safe before you know it. Calling us to have your tree professionally removed is important to ensure there is no damage to your property or safety concerns.

Tree Trimming: Regular tree trimming reduces the risk of falling limbs and damage to your home or commercial buildings. We also trim fruit-bearing trees with special techniques. Our tree trimming services help keep your property safe, healthy, and without the threat of dead or overgrown branches. Don’t let your trees interfere with neighboring properties!

Stump Grinding: Tired of that pesky stump in your yard? You’re not alone. Many property owners want to get rid of the eyesores. Additionally, If you plan to redevelop on your property, stump grinding may be essential. We can remove and grind any lingering stumps to boost the beauty and versatility of your property. Could you use some extra mulch for your next landscaping project? After we grind your stump, you have the option for us to chip it and provide you with fresh mulch! If you’d prefer to have all remnants of the stump removed from your property, we can take the grindings with us.

Lot Clearing:  Are you planning new construction on your property? Developing on your land can be an exciting yet daunting task. It’s definitely not the sort of job you should attempt to tackle alone. Call in our professional help! We can clear your lot of brush, shrubs, trees, stumps, and more! The All Wood’s Tree Service team is here to help you with every aspect of lot clearing. There’s no reason to risk your safety or the timeline of your project by attempting to dig out every tree and shrub on your property. Our experts are fit for the job!

Emergency Tree Damage: We know you can’t always anticipate storm damage or falling limbs, but when disaster strikes, you’ll want the fallen tree or debris to be cleaned up as soon as possible. There’s no reason to fear; our team is here to help 24/7. We can take care of any emergency tree removal and damage control. When we come out to inspect and clear the damage, we can also discuss ways to make your property safer in the case of further emergency risks.

Why Bountiful, UT Trusts All Woods Tree Service

Bountiful, UT chooses us for all their tree needs, from routine trimmings to more complicated projects because we offer only the best services. For years, we’ve proudly served Northern Utah communities in all their tree and storm needs. We are known for our dedication to customer satisfaction. We know what it takes to stand out in the industry: smiles. Our team completes every job with a smile on our faces because we want to deliver a truly great experience with every project. When you’re happy, we’re happy, and we hope we can keep your trees happy and healthy, too! Good business stems from good community relationships, but of course, it also dependent on experience and expertise. Thankfully, we have more than enough of all three to go around. We take great pride in the training and capabilities of our professional staff. Each of our expert arborists is trained and certified by the International Arboriculture Association. This means you can be sure you are receiving quality professional service every time All Woods Tree Service makes a trip out to your property. Along with the best possible training and staff, we also use the latest models of the industry’s most dependable equipment. We believe in quality service at every level of the process. That means we deliver great service using quality tools backed by years of experience. You can trust that we know trees.

Contact Us Today to Schedule Your Tree Removal

When your trees need service, call your local arborists at All Woods Tree Service. Our team is trained in the art and science of maintaining and caring for individual trees, and we’d love to help out with the ones on your property. If you are located in Bountiful, UT or beyond in the Northern Utah area, we are the best option for tree removal and other services. Request a free consultation by giving us a call or sending our team an email. We will get back to you to schedule our consultation and inspection at your earliest convenience. One of our experts will provide your professional advice on your tree situation so you can make an inform decision on the services you’d like our team to perform. We have the best interest of our community and the beautiful trees that inhabit properties like yours when we complete any tree service. You can guarantee you are receiving the best possible tree services when you trust us with your trees. Contact us today!