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Trust Your Trees to Us


All Wood’s Tree Service is proud to offer a comprehensive array of tree services to Ogden, UT. We handle tree pruning and trimming, plus everything else you need to keep your property well-populated with gorgeous, shady trees. We have years of experience delivering our services to our clients, and we believe in preserving the natural beauty the trees in our state provide with deliberate and careful services. We know how to do our jobs without harming the trees on your property. With a team of industry-leading professionals on hand, our family-owned and -operated company is ready to help you get the most of the trees that line your residential or commercial property.

Is Your Tree Dead? Don’t Delay Tree Removal

It’s never fun to turn to an Ogden, UT tree service company to handle a dead tree. It might even be a sad experience. Trees are part of your home. Your children might have climbed the tree when they were younger, and perhaps you’ve read more books than you can remember under its shade. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do for a dead tree. All you can do is act quickly to ensure it doesn’t threaten the rest of your property; because it can. All Wood’s Tree Service’s International Society of Arboriculture-certified arborists handle tree removal for more than dead trees. Sometimes it’s a necessary service if you:


  • – Are in the middle of a renovation project and the tree is in the way
  • – Are worried a storm damaged the tree beyond the point where trimming or pruning can help
  • – Believe it is in danger of falling and damaging your home or hurting people on your property

Tree Trimming Keeps Trees Happy and Growing Heartily

It is imperative to stay on top of routine tree trimming. Trees require maintenance to grow as they should, and professional trimming is how they reach their potential. It is also important to hire the ISA-certified arborists at All Wood’s Tree Service to handle this service. You shouldn’t attempt to do so alone for safety reasons, but also because:


  • – Professionals know which branches to trim to facilitate well-shaped trees.
  • – Arborists understand the importance of structural support and how to ensure it.
  • – Our team knows how to identify potential problems – such as dead limbs – and remove them before the disease spreads.
  • – We know how to handle fruit trees, which require specialized skills to trim.

Once You’ve Removed a Tree, Get Rid of the Stump As Well

While removing stumps isn’t necessarily required, stump grinding is still a valuable service for many of our customers. For instance, if you removed a tree to make room for a home addition, stump grinding is necessary because the stump prevents proper renovation. Even if you don’t plan to renovate or expand, you might consider a stump to be an eyesore worth removing. We have over 25 years of experience, and while the process isn’t difficult, it is dangerous for non-professionals to attempt.

Ogden, UT’s Premium Lot Clearing Provider

Before starting large-scale construction or renovation projects, property owners need to remove debris, trees, stumps, and vegetation from the premises. Both residential and commercial property owners benefit from this service, which includes:


  • Brush clearing: New development and home addition projects require a flat and clear working space. All Wood’s Tree Service provides brush clearing for that purpose. It removes obstructions like plants, weeds, and more but doesn’t include trees, stumps, or piles of debris.
  • Tree removal: When removing a tree is necessary, then you should not try to do so yourself. Tree removal is a service best left to the professionals due to the inherent dangers and challenges posed by it. We can remove any trees in the way of development.
  • Stump grinding: Stump grinding is a critical service when undertaking a renovation or new property development project. Removing the tree won’t be enough. Stump grinding gets rid of the stump itself and flattens the ground so you can get to work.
  • Woodpile and brush pile removal: We can also remove large piles of debris, including wood and brush piles.

Emergency Services

Storms pose a significant danger to your property. If one partially knocked over a tree, then you shouldn’t wait to have it removed. All Wood’s Tree Service provides emergency tree removal services to our clients.

Contact Us for Complete Tree Services in Ogden, UT

Don’t take our word for it. Peruse our gallery instead. We’re proud to present an array of visual evidence of our work, performed by our ISA-certified arborists. If you need a tree trimmed and pruned, a stump or tree removed, or lot removal services, then contact All Wood’s Trees today.