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Tree Removal Services in Ogden, UT

We Are Your Local Tree Removal Expert

All Wood’s Tree Service has been proudly serving Northern Utah for a quarter-century. Our experts are available to customers throughout Ogden, Bountiful, and Layton. We offer services such as tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding, lot clearing, and much more. The staff at All Wood’s Tree Service comprises arborists certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). Their knowledge and expertise will ensure you are getting the best possible tree services. We can handle jobs and projects of all scopes. Whether you need help trimming a tree that is obstructing the view out of your windows or completely clearing a lot for new development, our team is the one to call. We will not merely cut and remove trees from your land. All Wood’s Tree Service is also committed to your trees’ well-being. Our careful attention to detail will ensure your trees’ healthy growth and development to keep your landscape safe and beautiful. Call us today to learn more about our suite of services.

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Comprehensive Tree Services in Northern Utah

The ISA-certified experts at All Wood’s Tree Service are dedicated to treating our customers well and providing comprehensive tree services. We are equipped to complete residential and commercial projects, so reach out to us whenever you need help beautifying or protecting your property. Our tree services include:

Tree Removal

There are many reasons why you may need tree removal services in Northern Utah. A rotting or dying tree is much more susceptible to damage than a healthy one. Their branches are brittle and their roots are weak. Our arborists care about your property as well as your tree’s well-being. We will attempt to save trees by removing any diseased areas, but that is not always an option. Rather than leaving your home vulnerable to damage or surrounding trees defenseless against the spread of disease, we will remove the dying tree for you. Our tree removal services are also necessary if you want to clear or renovate your backyard and following storm damage.

Tree Trimming

At least once every year, you should trim your trees. Our tree trimming experts have decades’ worth of experience shaping and strengthening trees throughout Ogden, UT and the surrounding area. Tree trimming is vital for trees’ health. We will remove branches that hinder the development of your trees to promote healthy growth. The practice also shapes trees for aesthetic and practical purposes and reduces the risk of damage from unstable branches.

Stump Grinding

After removing a tree, you may have a stump left behind. In many instances, the stump may not be a big deal. You may even use it as a seating alternative. But if you want to redevelop an area of your property, the stump will get in the way. To eliminate this concern, All Wood’s Tree Service utilizes stump grinders to pulverize what remains of your tree. It is not a difficult process, but stump grinding requires specialized equipment. Our team will safely and effectively remove your stumps. We can even turn the wood into mulch for you.

Lot Clearing

Whether you are renovating or building new structures, you will need to clear your land before beginning any project. Our lot clearing services can help you do so quickly. When you settle on an area in Layton, UT for your next construction project, give us a call. We will eliminate any obstacles standing in your way. Lot clearing involves shrub and bush removal, brush clearing, tree removal, stump grinding, and more.

Emergency Tree Services

Not all tree services can be planned. But we are here for you even when disaster strikes. All Wood’s Tree Service provides emergency tree services in Bountiful, UT when you cannot wait for assistance. If a storm has caused a tree – or even just a branch – to fall on your home or commercial property, we will help you. Our team is available 24/7 and promises ultra-fast response times. Not only will we remove any trees that have fallen, but we will also remove any damaged trees that are no longer stable.

Emergency Tree Services in Ogden, Utah

Contact All Wood’s Tree Service Today

If a tree is obstructing your view of the Northern Utah countryside or a stump is hindering your ability to landscape your lawn, All Wood’s Tree Service can help. Our team of arborists provides a wide range of services to customers throughout Bountiful, Layton, Ogden, and beyond. We proudly cater to the needs of residential and commercial clients, and there is no project we cannot handle. Contact us today to schedule your tree removal service.

Trust Your Trees to Us