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Excavation and Demolition Services in Ogden, UT

The expert staff at All Wood’s Tree Service is capable of successfully demolishing residential and commercial structures, with careful attention to detail that ensures safety and compliance. Our all-encompassing demolition services in Ogden, UT eliminate the stress of undertaking such a project. We offer our clients peace of mind that their demolition projects will be done correctly and completely, without the need for additional contractors, prolonged service times, or messy clean-up crews.

Our Demolition Services Are Useful for Projects of All Sizes

All Wood’s Tree Service can accommodate all demolition projects, no matter the size or scope. We have a thorough understanding of all laws and regulations associated with demolitions and wrecking and can provide accurate estimates regarding a project’s cost and timeframe. Our demolition services vary depending on the scale of the project, but we will provide each client with a comprehensive understanding of the plan for each endeavor before beginning.










Commercial Demolition Services in Ogden, UT

A demolition company can prove its worth through flexibility and accuracy. All Wood’s Tree Service is equipped to demolish large facilities and complexes but also small subsets of those complexes when necessary. Our exactness sets us apart from other demolition companies in Ogden, UT. We can precisely remove commercial buildings without damaging their surroundings by using up-to-date equipment and experienced crew members. Our commercial demolition services include pre-demolition inspections, utility retirements, city permitting, foundation removal, and post-demolition inspections. We will handle all of the necessary paperwork to ensure the proper measures have been taken to complete your commercial demolition project.

Ogden, Utah’s Leading Residential Demolition Service

All Wood’s Tree Service uses the same precision and care for residential demolitions as commercial demolition projects. We will follow all of the rules and standards regarding safety and guarantee to complete your project adeptly, with your site in proper condition for immediate use. We will process all of the inspections and paperwork as we would for a commercial facility, but also include septic tank pumping and removal, foundation removal, and grading and seeding. Let us provide the peace of mind you deserve from an experienced demolition services company.

All Wood’s Tree Service Also Provides Excavation Expertise

Once your commercial or residential demolition project is complete, let All Wood’s Tree Service complete work on the site by delivering excavation services in Ogden, UT. We can remove all debris from your location, repair damaged pipes, provide drainage solutions to protect your foundation, grade and level your foundation, and strengthen the walls of trenches to prevent collapse. This extensive site work is often executed using heavy machinery, so let our team of experts make the process as stress-free as possible for you.

Your Commercial Excavation Partner in Ogden, UT

A commercial excavation project is a daunting task, so do not face it alone. All Wood’s Tree Service is happy to be your excavation partner in Ogden, UT. We will work quickly and efficiently to ensure your satisfaction. Our skilled staff will operate heavy equipment such as bulldozers, backhoes, tractors, and front-end loaders to prepare your site for its next project. We can also assess the land to make sure it is suitable for your planned foundation. Before beginning your project, we will make you aware of the steps we will take to complete your excavation. The job will include clearing your land of any debris, environmental remediation, removal of underground storage tanks or waste, trenching, grading, and site balancing.

Extending Excavation Services to Residential Properties

All Wood’s Tree Service extends our excavation services to Ogden-area residential sites to help you develop a cozier setting for your home or neighborhood. Residential excavation services can be aesthetic or practical. Call us if you need to employ drainage solutions to keep excess water from damaging your foundation, strengthen the walls of a trench to prevent it from collapsing, augment structural support, or install utility lines or septic systems underground. However, you may also call us if you want to improve your curb appeal so that your home stand will out from the rest on your block. We provide excavation services that will allow you to enhance driveways and ditches or install ponds or stonework.

Call Our Expert Demolition and Excavation Company Today

All Wood’s Tree Service is much more than the top tree service provider in Ogden, UT. We also specialize in the demolition and excavation of commercial and residential properties. Whether you need to level a long-standing building or clear an area for a pond in your yard, our team of professionals is here to help. Call All Wood’s Tree Service to discuss your objectives today, and we will conceive a customized plan to handle your job promptly and professionally.

Trust Your Trees to Us