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Professional Tree Removal In Ogden, UT

There are many reasons to remove a tree from your property entirely, but one priority is a constant: safety. If not done correctly, tree removal can be a disaster. That’s why tree removal is better left to trusted professionals like the ISA-certified arborists at All Wood’s Tree Service in Ogden, UT, Bountiful, UT and Layton, UT.

We use the latest equipment and methods to virtually guarantee that trees are removed in a controlled, safe way. We can ensure that we minimize the risk to your home, vehicles, and anything else in close proximity to the tree, including neighbors’ homes and cars.

tree removal with large crane

Don’t Put It Off

Do you have a tree that you need to have removed? Waiting and stalling on the job can only bring risk. The longer you wait, the higher the probability that the tree causes damage to your property. Call All Wood’s Tree Service as soon as possible, and we’ll send our expert team out to look at the tree and give you an estimate for its removal.

Why Have a Tree Removed?

In our 20 years in business in Northern Utah, we’ve seen just about every reason imaginable to have a tree taken out. Here are some of the most common:

The Tree Is Dead or Dying

The longer a dying tree is left to sit on a lot, the higher the chance of causing damage. That’s because dying trees are more brittle than live trees. Their roots are no longer as strong, so they don’t have as robust a support system as they had when they were healthy. It’s important to have dead trees diagnosed and removed.

The Tree Is Sick

Trees don’t get the flu, but they can become sick or damaged by pests. When this happens, we’ll try to ensure that the diseased part of the tree can be cut out so that the tree is saved, but this isn’t always possible. The last thing you want is for a disease that kills one tree to spread to others on your property.

The Tree Is in the Way

Whether you're clearing a lot or renovating your backyard, sometimes trees are just in the way. Even if it's just one tree, don't try to remove it yourself; trust the removal to the experts. At All Wood's Tree Service we'll remove any number of trees from your property safely and efficiently.

Stump Grinding and Mulching

When All Wood’s Tree Service removes trees from clients’ properties in Ogden, UT, we always offer to grind down and remove the stumps as well. This is most useful in the event that you’re clearing the entire lot to build on or otherwise redevelop. We can also chip your trees on the spot, providing fresh, healthy mulch for your gardens! Also serving the Bountiful, UT and Layton, UT areas!

Trust Your Trees to Us